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The Nintendo Wii U console is a very competitive console, because it is going head to head with two of the most successful and much more technologically advanced consoles this generation: the Sony Playstation 3 and the Microsoft Xbox 360 and so is the wii u component cable.  The Nintendo Wii U already has a lot going on for it because aside from its massive collection of games from all genre that span from kiddie and cutesy games to gore filled and uber violent games, it actually introduced motion sensing console gaming to the world.  Because of this innovation, all of the other gaming companies and the two giant competition followed suit, countering with their own motion sensing controllers and solutions.  That actually proved too little too late, because the Nintendo Wii U still has a very large advantage over the two competing consoles when it comes to awareness and casual play.  But there is one thing that the Nintendo Wii U is clearly lacking of: HD display output.  Standard cables for gaming consoles are now available using the HDMI format, which allows HD output display for HDTVs.  The standard Wii U component cable that came out of the box just doesn’t cut it when it comes to eye popping displays.  True, the Nintendo Wii U is not meant to be played through eye-popping HD displays because Nintendo never focused on graphics alone and they concentrated on the richness of the game play experience.  Unfortunately, most of the hardcore and casual gamers out there are much more focused on how good any game looks before they even consider buying one.

The “standard” Wii U component cable can definitely stay competitive

The Nintendo Wii U component cable that came out of the box (along with the console and a bunch of controllers) is the “standard” component cable that offers a 480i display.  The 480i output is perfect when you have a standard TV that can offer only standard 480i output.  Most casual games do not require that much graphic definition anyways.  Because of the Nintendo Wii U motion controller, any lack on the graphics department is definitely forgotten once the game is well underway.  Most of the time an average casual gamer does not even need HD output graphic anyway because of the engaging experience that the motion controller provides.  Believe me, you will be too busy hacking monsters or beating your opponent on virtual ping-pong instead of worrying about the details of the graphics.

But like earlier said, the Sony Playstation 3 and the Xbox 360 countered with their own motion controller devices:  the Playstation Move and the Kinect, respectively.  The gaming giants were definitely threatened by the amount of press and attention the Nintendo Wii U’s motion controller has been getting.  The motion controlling system is a clear innovation in the part of Nintendo, and the competitors definitely sensed that.  The motion controller solutions of the Playstation and Xbox are indeed revolutionary, which makes games developed for the Wii U feel dated in terms of graphics.  Good thing Nintendo still has an ace up its sleeve, and was ready to counter the HD graphic revolution by launching the Wii U component cable offering 480p progressive video output that can definitely compete with the HD games out in the market.
The Wii U component video cable from other manufacturers

The New Wii U Component Cable

Who says the Nintendo Wii U is not an HD display system?  While it might be true that a lot of the games for Nintendo Wii U are indeed created for standard resolution, some of the Nintendo Wii U games now offer much higher and sharper graphics to be able to compete with all of the High Definition games coming out of the competitor’s lineup.  The upgraded Wii U component cable that is sold separately is definitely an answer to this, because the Nintendo Wii U video component cable offers 480p progressive video output that is only compatible with HD displays or Enhanced High Definition sets (EDTV).  Most games can still play on standard definition, but if you want to take your gaming to the next level, you need to purchase a separate Wii U component cable so that you can get access to a crisper and sharper look.  So, what are some of the advantages of getting a Wii U video component cable that can offer 480p output?

  • 480p progressive output offers sharper and clearer images for Wii U games
  • Sharper edges mean better graphics display when game play is in motion.  No more blurring effect and squinting to know and decipher the action going on screen during battle and action sequences
  • Clear images means that your eyes do not get strained that much during long hours of gaming
  • 480p is compatible on HD displays
  • The Wii U video component cable is longer (2.5 meters or 8.2 feet in length)
  • The higher definition display is perfect for your motion sensing games

The only disadvantage of purchasing your own Wii U video component cable is just that: you need to buy them separately for you to be able to enjoy the goods.  The Wii U video component cable is also available in limited quantities; that is why some stores do not allow multiple purchases of the Nintendo Wii U video component cable.

The Official Wii U component cable has all the answers

wii u component cable Not to be outdone, Nintendo now also offers their very own “Official” Nintendo Wii U component cable that can offer 480p progressive images and comes up to 2.5m in length.  The Official Nintendo Wii U component cable is the official video cable of the Wii U, which means that it is custom made to fit your Wii U system and will let you “officially” hook your console to your HDTV or EDTV.  While you might get a cheaper price for an unofficial release, it might be a good idea to get the Official Nintendo Wii U component cable: because nothing can beat the quality of the original.
All in all, while the Nintendo Wii U is not an HD gaming console, but it is still one of the most fun and casual-friendly gaming consoles out there.  Do not let the standard display output of the console get to you and stop getting sidetracked by those games that are all graphics and doesn’t even have an ounce of game play magic.  If you are a Nintendo Wii U fan and you are a bit envious of the HD graphics that the competing consoles are churning out, go ahead and replace your standard component cable with the Official Wii U component cable.  It might not be that huge of a difference, but it can certainly hold its own against those HD games.


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